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How the Color of Your Car Affects Your Insurance Rates

If you plan on buying a car, it is wise to get one that will not cause your insurance payments to rise. This can be simpler than you may think. It turns out that the color of a car is a consideration in insurance prices. Even more important is the make and model of the car. Insurance companies don't care so much about the color of your car as they do about whether or not you are driving a car that is fancy or built for speed.

The Red car Myth

There has been a myth circulating for years that red cars are stopped more often for traffic tickets than any other colored car. This is usually dismissed as being untrue. It is more likely that the personality of the driver can lead to more tickets in addition to influencing the color choice of the car that is purchased.

Personality and Color Choices

Extroverts are typically more expressive. These people will, very often, enjoy being noticed and are likely to purchase a flashy colored car; red for instance. They are also more inclined to buy the flashier car models that are made for fast driving. When you consider these factors, it is possible that they combine to produce the appearance of a certain color of car getting more tickets. In reality these tickets probably have much more to do with the fact that certain personality types are more proned to reckless driving.

How Insurance Companies See Car Color

Your car insurance company is not really concerned about the color of your car. They are concerned with your driving record, as well as the number of traffic violations and speeding tickets you have received over the years. Your car insurance company can't make everyone take a personality test to see how likely a person would be to break traffic laws or to choose a red car. They have no way to assess the risk related to outgoing personalities compared to more conservative personatlities.

How to Keep Car Insurance Premiums Down

The bottom line in keeping car insurance payments low is to obey the traffic laws. If you don't speed and aren't constantly cutting of other drivers, you will have less traffic violations. That is going to keep your insurance rates low. Your car's color does not affect your insurance rates, but the type of car and your driving record do have a very real impact on the prices you will pay for insurance.