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Senior Car Insurance

If you're in the 50+ age bracket, you've most likely had plenty of experience shopping for car insurance. However, there may still be a lot of facts you don't know about finding the right policy for you at the right price.

As people get older, there are certain advantages they have over younger drivers. For example, with a long standing driving history, if you've been able to maintain a clean record, you are eligible to receive lower rates and better coverage than new and inexperienced drivers. Along the same lines, a strong credit score can help you find better rates than those with no credit or poor credit history.

Other ways for seniors to obtain discounts can depend on where the live and the type of car they drive. Seniors tend to buy safer vehicles and live in safer neighborhoods. Both of these traits can help you receive a lower insurance rate than other age groups.

Certain memberships can also help you save on your insurance costs. Are you a member of AAA or AARP? If so, your AAA or AARP membership status can entitle you to certain advantages and policy features not available to non-members. To get more details regarding any benefits you're eligible for, you should contact your AAA or AARP representative who can go over any details with you.