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SR22 Car Insurance Guide

If you should wind up in a situation where it is mandated for you to fill out an SR22, be sure to shop around and find the best deal before you decide on a policy. Most times your existing insurance provider can get the SR22 form to you.

What is a Form SR22?

SR22 is not really an insurance coverage type, even though it is purchased thorough an automobile insurance carrier. This form is processed by your insurance company and forwarded to your stated department of transportation or the motor vehicle division.

Who Needs to File Form SR22?

It is usually a driver that has a lot of points against their license and ends up with a suspended license who has to file an SR22 form. Some states require all people convicted of a DUI to file before their license is reinstated one too. And there are some states that will make you fill out the SR22 form if you are unable to provide proof of insurance when you are pulled over.

How Long Do You Need Form SR22?

Here are some facts about the SR22 form:

  • It shows that you have been compliant with state insurance regulations.
  • It must be renewed annually.
  • The majority of states make the SR22 a three year penalty, failure to comply with the regulations involved with an SR22 can result in longer periods of time where the form is required.

It does not provide you with any coverage and is, therefore, not insurance. It is taking the necessary steps to be compliant with state regulations by showing that you have standard insurance and have financial coverage for yourself.

Avoidance is the Best Policy

Filing an SR22 can be expensive and that is in keeping with its intention. It is a form of punishment for failing to maintain adequate financial automobile coverage of your own volition. Each state has its own cost associated with the SR22 form. Rather than getting to the point where an SR22 is required of you, take steps to be a save, responsible, insured driver. Do all that you can to keep your insurance coverage current, obey traffic laws and never drive when you have been drinking. SR22 is a legal penalty, if you obey the laws by keeping adequate, required insurance coverage and are a safe driver you won't ever have to deal with the SR22.